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General Terms & Conditions

For any traveller it is important to be acquainted with the general terms and conditions of a contract they enter with a travel agency when the booking is confirmed. Confirmation of the booking also means you have accepted Royal Travel Services' General Terms and Conditions as specified below.


Booking enquiries and confirmation can be made either through our webpage, by e-mail or telephone.

After you make the initial enquiry, we will send you our offer specifying the programme, the services included and the price. In order to satisfy your needs to the highest possible extent, it may take some communication to finalise the version of the programme you will book with us. After you confirm the programme, Royal Travel Services will send you a booking confirmation and payment instructions. If any information contained in the confirmation does not comply with what you had booked please let us know immediately and we will amend the document.

In order to carry out the programme we need correct names and passport information so it is your responsibility as a client to provide correct information with your booking.

The booking is valid and binding on both parties once a deposit for each traveller has been paid (see payment information).

Vouchers and a detailed itinerary with reference numbers will be sent to you by e-mail as soon as the final payment is received in full.


In the programme there will be a clear specification of the services included in the price of the programme. Please keep in mind that any other services requested and agreed upon during your travel (other than for those specified in the programme) will attract additional costs that you will have to pay on the spot to our representative.

Change of prices after booking:

Royal Travel Services reserves the right to increase prices due to changes in transport costs (including fuel costs, or airport, landing and take-off taxes, fees or charges), exchange rates or other circumstances which we as a travel agency are not able to take into account beforehand. We will inform you about any such increase at the latest 15 days before your arrival. If the increase is more than 10% of the final price you will have the right to terminate the contract and receive a full refund of the already paid deposit.

Cancellation policy:

All cancellations by a customer must be received in writing. The date of cancellation shall be the date when written notice is received by Royal Travel Services.

If cancelled by a customer up to 15 days before arrival, the charge is 20% of the package price.

If cancelled by a customer 14 – 8 days before arrival, the charge is 35% of the package price.

If cancelled by a customer 7 – 2 days before arrival, the charge is 50% of the package price.

If cancelled by a customer 1 – 0 days before arrival, the charge is 80% of the package price.

In the unlikely event of cancellation by Royal Travel Services due to an emerging situation beyond our control, an alternative tour may be offered. If this is not possible, the booking will be cancelled and the payment will be refunded in full. Beyond these measures there can be no further claims for compensation.

Travel Insurance in Case of Cancellation

If you are uncertain about your ability to go on a tour, we recommend you take out insurance for cancellation due to illness or emergency cases. We can provide an official receipt and then you can handle the insurance with an insurance agency in your home country.

Change of Programme

Royal Travel Services reserves the right to change the planned hotel or any other accommodation to other overnight accommodation of the same or a higher standard.

Royal Travel Services reserves the right to use alternative means of public transport if a provider cancels a service specified in the programme.

Royal Travel Services guarantees to do all the sightseeing and visits in the programme, however we reserve the right to change the timing/day if there are problems with timing due to reasons beyond our control (e.g. heavy traffic, closed roads).

The customer may change the itinerary after the deposit/final payment has been made, up to 10 days before the tour starts and where it is feasible to accommodate new requests in terms of the availability of accommodation or transportation. There will be a maximum fee of 10% of the package price for organisational costs due to a change to a new tour/product within the same price range of the tour. If any additional costs occur, the customer is obliged to cover those costs in addition to the extra 10% organisational costs.

Travel Documents

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the customer and all other persons travelling with the customer have appropriate personal documentation (link to travel documents in useful information) in their possession (such as current and valid passports or identification cards, visas) when arriving in Egypt. Also, if any travel documents (such as airplane tickets or train tickets) are given to the customer by Royal Travel Services either before or upon arrival, it is customer’s responsibility to keep them for further use.

In case of the loss, theft or damage of travel documents Royal Travel Services is not responsible for any incurred replacement costs or costs due to necessary travel changes because of missing documents. However, our representative will provide all assistance to customers needing to replace travel documents.



In general Royal Travel Services shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss or accident of whatever nature involving any person or goods (including financial loss and consequential damages) incurring during, after, in connection with or as a consequence of a customer’s booking, travel or stay organised through Royal Travel Services, unless such is caused by intent or gross negligence on the part of Royal Travel Services.

Royal Travel Services acts as a contractual party only for the services included in tours (e.g. accommodation, transportation, sightseeing). Thus, Royal Travel Services is not responsible for any injury, damage, loss or accident inflicted on any person or thing (including financial damage) caused by negligence or with intent by any other provider of services which a customer may use outside the tour specified in the programme.


If you have any complaints during the tour, please contact our guide/representative so that they can address and resolve the problem. If you would like to make a complaint after your return, please contact us at info(at) as soon as possible and no later than two weeks after returning home.

Privacy policy

We ask for personal information in the booking request section. This information is necessary to ensure that we are able to make and confirm your booking. This information will not be used for any other purposes and will not be shared with any other outside parties except for necessary information given to the parties involved in your booking (hotels etc.).

The personal information will not be sold or shared and your e-mail address will not be forwarded to outside parties.